Birdman: Movie Reviewed

Michael Keaton in ‘Birdman’

STARRING: Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough

DIRECTED BY: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

GENRE: Black Comedy, Drama

SYNOPSIS: Washed up Hollywood actor Riggan Thomson, who used to play the   legendary superhero Birdman, is now trying to revive his career on Broadway by writing, directing and starring in his own play.

RATING: 10/10

A Guide to 2015 in Film

It’s a new year, and with every new year comes new opportunities, new experiences, and new movies to watch. 2015 holds many big movie related events to add to any film lovers calendar. In February we have the Oscars, which honestly, for me, holds just as much, if not more excitement, than Christmas. But we also have a lot of much anticipated films to look forward to, so consider this post your guide to the next year in film. In just a few thousand words time, you’ll be equipped with as much information as you need to face this year head on.

The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies: Movie Reviewed

STARRING: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellan, Richard Armitage, Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lily, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blancimagehett, Lee Pace, Hugo Weaving, Christopher Lee, James Nesbitt

DIRECTED BY: Peter Jackson

GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure

SYNOPSIS: In this final chapter of the Hobbit trilogy, Bilbo, the dwarves and a whole cast of other characters attempt to defeat Smaug the dragon and engage in an epic and deadly battle.

RATING: 8.5/10


Before I Go To Sleep: Movie Reviewed

Still from 'Before I Go To Sleep'.
Still from ‘Before I Go To Sleep’.

Film Starring: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong

Directed By: Rowan Joffe

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Synopsis: Christine is an amnesiac. Every morning she wakes up, not knowing where she is, why she’s in her 40s and who the man lying next to her is. But, when she reads the journal she’s been writing for the last few weeks, her suspicions grow. Is her life really all that Ben, the man who tells her he’s her husband, says it is?


Begin Again: Reviewed

Film Starring: Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, James Corden, Hailee Steinfeld, Adam

Still from 'Begin Again'.
Still from ‘Begin Again’.


Directed By: John Carney

Genre: Musical Drama

Synopsis: A young singer songwriter and a disgraced music business executive have a chance encounter one night, and strike up a deal to record an album completely on the streets of New York.

Under the Dome (Season 1): Reviewed

Mike VogelRachelle LefevreAlexander Koch – 7.2/10 (IMDb)


Under the Dome

Just before Season 2 premiers in the UK on Channel, 5 sometime during August, I would like to take the opportunity to review the first season of Under the Dome. In general I thought that it had good promise and the start really had me enthralled in the characters and plot. It was a good  depiction of what life gets to be like in a real emergency with no law and order (maybe a slight bit over the top). However, from about episode 6 onwards, the show takes a turn for the worse and becomes so much more “spiritual” and suddenly it is all about magic. From watching the pilot, the ending looks like it is from a completely different show. Looking back at the teaser trailer now, you can definitely see how much the season progressed over the 13, hour-long (including ad-breaks) episodes.

Stand By Me: Reviewed

Image showing four of the main characters. Please report fault to
Four boys. One journey.

Starring:  Wil WheatonRiver PhoenixCorey Feldman


Stand By Me is relatively old (in colour, though) but is still a great watch. It deals with many issues that still affect people today but still manages to hold a good pace and an intriguing storyline. You can still pick this movie up on Amazon Instant and probably a few other movie rental services.