A Whole New System

Over the next couple of months, we will be completely redesigning the system and software we use to run Humble Cookie. For instance, the website will not use WordPress after the update as it uses older technology which is not customized to our needs. Hopefully this will make the overall experience of using the HumbleCookie website an easier and more pleasant one.

Let’s Low Poly

You might call it a design trend, but it’s happening nonetheless. A lot of 3D animation and art now uses something called ‘low-poly modelling’, meaning making graphics look as if they’re from the 80’s except with improved lighting and attention to detail. This will be the new form of intros for Humble Cookie. I threw together this in Cinema 4D to show you exactly what we’re talking about:

Low-Poly Modelling

Expect to see a bit more of this. A lot more in fact. Have you tried any ‘low-poly modelling’? Leave a comment with a link!

Aspire To: Lawyer

In November we interviewed Helen Valley, a London based lawyer. This interview is shot on location, in her chambers.


For this shoot we used the same camera we always use – the Nikon D3200 and for the audio setup we used the Tascam DR-60D (an audio recorder) and the NTG-2 microphone. This time we invested in a microphone stand to get really nice and crisp audio. We used the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite for all editing, graphics and audio mixing. Thanks again to Helen Valley!

Aspire To: Politician – Full

We filmed this interview with Richard Harrington at Studio One, Hertfordshire. We used two broadcast quality cameras recording onto Atmos drives. For audio we each had a lapel microphone and then two pencil mics to pick up room ambiance. This is the full interview (35 minutes long) but if you want to watch the short one you can, here, or play the video below.

Aspire To: Author

We interviewed Sue Hampton, a successful author, talking the choices that led her to becoming a writer and an in-depth look at the profession. She also talks about living with Alopecia, a condition which induces hair loss. For any aspiring authors, this is a gold mine of information from the top of the class.


For this interview, we used two fluorescent softboxes to evenly light her and a Nikon D3200 to do the shooting.

Sue Hampton interviews (Aspire To)

We have just released the first of two videos with Sue Hampton. The one released tonight is advertising her competition for young writers and artists in Hertfordshire. The second one, coming out on Friday, will be the full interview with her for a series called Aspire To. More following!

The film with Sue Hampton