The Equalizer: Movie Reviewed

FILM STARRING: Denzel Washington, Chloe Grace Moretz, Haley Bennet, Marton Csokas

DIRECTED BY: Antoine Fuqua

GENRE: Action, Thriller

SYNOPSIS: A quiet, unassuming man rediscovers his darker past when he meets a young girl in need of help.

Still from 'The Equalizer'.
Still from ‘The Equalizer’.


Who doesn’t like Denzel Washington? He’s a solid actor who can pull of pretty much anything, he’s a likeable guy and he doe action really well. ‘The Equalizer’ is definitely a positive in his career, with yet another convincing ‘do not cross me’ character who’s really quite a likeable guy in normal society.

This film is pure entertainment. It’s not meaning to blow your minds with sensitive direction and Oscar worthy screenwriting, it just wants to give you an adrenaline rush, which it most definitely succeeded in.

I’m always looking for a fast paced, satisfyingly violent action film, and if you’re like me in this respect, go see this movie. For the first twenty minutes or so you see the main character go about his daily life working in a DIY store, helping his friends and being generally pleasant and polite. Denzel Washington plays this so perfectly it gives you a big rush when you finally get to see the things he’s capable of. I did think that that first ‘violent’ scene was the best of the movie. Afterwards it flatlined a little, but not so much that I was ever bored. You were always getting little boosts of adrenaline to keep you excited.

There was a point towards the middle of the film where the plot felt a little botched together and unexplained, and it slowed down a little. I would have preferred this part to be cut out, as the movie, being what it was, didn’t need much plot development.
The final act was highly entertaining and thrilling, and I almost didn’t mind that it was cheesy and clichéd at times. That’s sort of how it was supposed to be.

I had some issues with the use of Chloe Grace Moretz’s character in this movie. She was very interesting and intriguing, and you wanted to follow her story as much as Denzel Washington’s. However, she was cut out of the plot entirely after the first act and only brought back periodically at the end to give some closure. Out of all the characters in the movie, hers was the one I cared most about, the one that could have given a bit more depth and emotional core to the film, and this was played extremely well by Chloe Grace Moretz. Even the slight uses of body language conveyed the insecurity of her character so well.

I did really enjoy ‘The Equalizer’. It was exciting and action-packed, the sort of thing I usually enjoy. Comparing it to ‘Lucy’ which was released this summer (as they are similar in appeal and genre), I would say I prefer ‘Lucy’ a bit more, but I still would recommend you see this film if you feel like a popcorn flick. I’m going to give this film a 78/100.